Training that creates change

The ABRA QLD Training Team offer current industry experience in their respective Vocational areas. Our Trainers work within a culture of ‘meeting and exceeding clients expectations while seeking continuous improvement’ to ensure all of our students enjoy a positive and successful experience.

The ABRA QLD RPL team provide the most user friendly RPL services available anywhere in Australia utilising modern technology to minimise paperwork and disruption to business in capturing evidence of your existing skills, knowledge and experience which we formally recognise with industry qualifications.

ABRA QLD utilises the Language, Literacy and Numeracy expertise and resources of a partner RTO. 

The friendly ABRA QLD team carries out all work in a manner that totally respects individual privacy, equity and access ensuring all students are treated with dignity, care and respect. We are also committed to supporting the Indigenous Education Action Plan of the Australian Federal Government and other measures to address issues of inequity and access.

The ABRA QLD team are proud to partner with business, community organisations, government of all levels and others in development and delivery of educational programs that create positive change for individuals and our community.

Nationally Registered Training and Australian Council for Private Education and Training